Download Day of Zombie

Day of the Zombie [2009] | PC Game | Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Developer: BrainBox Games | Publisher: Groove Games | Language: English / Russian

Horde bloodthirsty zombies invaded college «Fenkott Memorial»! Armed forces zachistili district and placed around the perimeter college snipers. In place of the terrible events of the special squad was sent on a mission to take him completely under control

Meanwhile, in the midst of bloody chaos are three bedolag: student,desperately trying to save his girlfriend, Building Superintendent, notwishing to leave to their fate entrusted institution and spetsnazovets,which should bring order to this bedlame. Do they survive day zombie?


✔ Fourteen levels for a single game and three exciting story.
✔ Fourteen levels for multiplayer games.
✔ Four-line to eight players.
✔ Various weapons like the massacre of the enemies.

System Requirements:
• OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista;
• processor clock frequency of 2 GHz or better;
• 256 MB of RAM;
• Video card with 128 MB of graphics memory, compatible with DirectX 9.0s;
• 1.5 GB free hard disk space;
• Sound Card compatible with DirectX 9.0;
• DirectX 9.0c;
• The device to read CD;

• Keyboard and mouse.

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