Download Game Alpha Black Zero Intrepid Protocol

Alpha Black Zero is all about jogging. The outdoor levels, of which there are many, are huge -- stretching the Serious Sam engine (upon which the game is based) to its limit. You lead your squad of tactical warriors through one valley after the next of mostly lifeless hills. You follow the waypoint marker on your HUD, but there's no data about how far away the waypoint is -- your HUD only discloses its direction. And most of the time, you're unable to take a direct route to the waypoint because those damn giant hills are in the way, so you jog back and forth down endless valleys like winding your way through the lines at Disneyland, hoping that the next valley you turn down will be the last. This game should be called Alpha Black Marathon.

Alpha Black Zero wants to be a futuristic, third-person, sci-fi version of Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon. You're dropped into the shoes of Lieutenant Kyle Hardlaw (who comes up with these names?), just in time for his court martial. The missions you play are actually flashbacks of the events leading up to Hardlaw's alleged transgressions. If you've played Hitman: Contracts, you'll know all about playing missions as flashbacks; you'll also have played a much better game than this one. The best part of Alpha Black Zero is the plot, told mainly in cutscenes between the endlessly long missions. Sadly, little of the drama actually unfolds during missions, which might have made them more interesting.


System requirement:
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Pentium IV 1.6GHz
  • 512MB RAM
  • 128 MB video card
  • 24X CD-ROM
  • 2 GB HD
  • DirectX 9

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