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Download Game Megaman X8 | Indowebster | Adventure | 650 MB

In the aftermath of the terrible war started by Sigma in the previous game, the human race has constructed a new line of Reploids to help them expand beyond Earth’s shattered remains and colonize the untouched Moon. Unfortunately, Sigma has corrupted these Reploids with his sinister DNA and its up to X, Zero, and Axl to stop him before it’s too late. And so begins Mega Man X8, that mixes the 3D aspects of X7 and the old-school gameplay of X6.
Boasting twelve stages in all, X8 offers three completely different playable characters, a more flexible tag team mechanic, upgradeable weaponry, vehicle-based missions, and multiple cinematic endings.


Game Features:
  • Three playable characters with varying strengths and special abilities
  • Three Navigator types - each offers a stage strategy, an enemy strategy or story supplements
  • Collect "metal" from defeated enemies - Use as building blocks for valuable power-up chips
  • Ability to use weapons obtained from defeated bosses
  • Multiple story endings and hidden items

Cara Instal:
Download semua part nya, lalu extract dan install

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