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Mystical sword, The Edge of Soul (Soul Edge), is the pirate Cervantes (Cervantes). For 25 years he was resting in the ruins of the port city of Valencia (Valencia), feeding on the souls of those who are engaged in search of the sword. A little more and Cervantes would be able to conquer the world, but efforts Soffit warrior (Sophitia) and ninja Taki (Taki) stopped him, breaking one of the two blades of the Soul Edge.

A young knight Siegfried (Siegfried) near the town found a piece of the sword. He took the handle of the cursed Soul Edge blades and released into the sky a bright column of light, also known as the Evil Seed (Evil Seed). Three years after those events. Soul edge uses of Siegfried as a shell, and now Siegfried s nightmare (Nightmare), the dark knight in azure armor. Europe was plunged into a bloody massacre, Nightmare and his followers extract souls to gain the sword. A group of young men went on a journey to stop Soul Edge, taking with them three sacred weapons again to reunite them.

  • Soulcalibur - the name of the holy sword, created to combat the evil sword Soul Edge.
  • Soulcalibur - the second game in the style of fighting of the Series games Soul. Soulcalibur was ported to the console Sega Dreamcast with improved graphics and new features and became one of the best-selling titles on the Dreamcast. Port with the Sega Dreamcast was also named the best fighting game of all time, and even the best game of all genres on the site Game Rankings in Top-20 all-time game ranked fourth.
  • Soulcalibur - it is not just an incredibly beautiful three-dimensional fighting game, it s cult creation, undoubtedly Must-Have for all fans of the genre. Originally, Soul Calibur is known for its graphics, here it is really very good, textures are smoothed, clothes and hair move as the characters move realistically. Of course, with music and sound effects are also fine. Combat system, borrowed from the great Soul Edge + + compilation of modern graphics heroes - is the secret of the success of SC.
  • System of a fight based on intuition : if you click on the button kick and arrow forward , then Hero kicked forward, if you turn the joystick and press the attack with the sword, the hero will represent something akin to what you clicked. Even the unintuitive combination (simultaneously pressing kicks and sword) scored something. In Soul Edge / Calibur important thing is not knowing superudary, and competent combat. It is important to put the unit on time, on time and depart on time to strike. There are many options - anyone can create their own tactics (different speed, length and force of impact). If anyone is interested, you should know that s right prefers, girl-ninja Taki.
  • - Story of Soul Edge / Calibur, we have something close to it. Enough to choose Mission Fight and you get 3.2 screen more or less interesting text before each fight. The main thing is that here you can open up new costumes, new levels ... and watch the varied art. The system is simple: win the battle, get money, buying art, which is sometimes accompanied by bonuses. The standard scheme of the fight (2 rounds, one on one) in the story matches did not work. On you can attack multiple enemies at a time, harmless mouse suddenly become poisonous rats, sex can become a quicksand, etc. etc. Diversity - that s one more advantage of SC.
  • Heroes are not less diverse, many are initially classified (a new character is unlocked after beating the game in normal mode). They differ in both graphically and in terms of combat capabilities.
  • Soulsalibur - is a masterpiece. Fantastic character design, brilliant animation and a well-balanced game action. You can play almost endlessly. This game should be every connoisseur of the genre ...


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System requirements:
  • Operating system Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Seven
  • Intel Pentium 4 - 2.6GHz
  • 129MB VRAM / Video card
  • HDD 800 MB
  • RAM 512MB
  • DirectX 9.0c

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