Download Game Star Wolve 2 RIP

Download Star Wolve 2 RIP Version | PC Game | Shooter | 102 MB

Welcome to a world of space battles and political intrigue. Here, the spirit of knighthood competes with the lust for profit, danger lurks behind every corner, and sometimes, everything depends on a single choice.Welcome to a world where only a true STAR WOLF can survive. It is 2232. Nearly seven years have passed since the time of the first Star Wolves. Unable to withstand the military onslaught of the Empire, the oncepowerful transgalactic corporations were forced to fall back to the far frontiers of the explored space, where the ruling hand of the Empire had no influence. There, they formed the Independent Corporations Union. They dream of the day when they will be able to return to their former power and influence.The study of the hundreds of suddenly-frozen Berserk ships, and the capture of Alien ships served as a springboard for the rapid development of new technologies. A relative calm befell the world, broken only by the occasional attack of disorganized and apolitical pirate groups.The Imperial Forces continue to wage war on the Aliens, but Humankind has not yet managed to establish contact with them. Pushed back into one of the few remaining unexplored sectors, and posing fierce resistance, the Aliens continue to pursue their unknown goals. But war is a lucrative business, and soon the fragile truce will be broken.


Minimum System Requirement:
  • Pentium III 800 MHz or higher CPU
  • 128MB or more of RAM.
  • 3D videocard GeForce2 MX400 32MB or better
  • CD-ROM, Keyboard, Mouse

Recommended System Requirement:
  • Pentium IV 1800 MHz higher CPU
  • 256MB or more of RAM.3D video card GeForce4 128 MB or better
  • DirectSound compatible audio card CD-ROM

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