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Download Game SIM CITY 3000 Unlimited | Full & RIP Version | PC Game | Simulation

SimCity 3000 is the series to three games in the series and the popular SimCity game today. Building on the SimCity 3000 which adds several enhancements designed to make them more fun and more realistic. The game features a 3D view that is similar to SimCity 2000 but much more clearly impressive SimCity 3000, Sim City 3000 for the new graphics include interactive features such as real moving traffic and pedestrians. In addition to the additional graphics, SimCity 3000 also adds a new gameplay for the series to a third of this through a new design, mission events and natural disasters. A Building Architect Tool allows players to design their own buildings.

Game Features

  • All-new Asian and European building sets with hundreds of new buildings to choose from
  • 13 challenging scenarios or create your own custom, goal-based adventure
  • 4 new disasters to inflict: plague of locusts, toxic cloud, space junk, and a whirlpool
  • 23 new landmarks: Helsinki Cathedral, Japan's Himeji Castle, and more
  • Customizable terrain with scores of new options, such as snow, rolling hills, and a desert


System Requirements:

  • CPU Type: Pentium
  • CPU Speed: 866 MHz
  • RAM Required: 128 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 900 MB
  • Graphics Type: SVGA
  • Graphics Resolution: Multiple Resolutions
  • Color Depth: High Color

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