Download Game Postal 2: Share The Pain

Name: Postal 2: Share The Pain
Genre : First-Person Shooter
System Operation: Windows XP/Vista
Size: 609MB

Download Postal 2: Share The Pain . Postal 2 is a action Game like GTA series . Postal 2 strings together a bunch of violent novelties without ever constructing a compelling game for them to support.Taking a cue from the Grand Theft Auto series, Postal 2 plays out in a large clockwork city that you're free to explore while pursuing a string of missions. The missions are segmented across a period of five days. You must complete certain goals each day in order to advance to the next time period. These goals take the form of commonplace errands such as going to the bank, buying milk, getting your gonorrhea treated, or delivering a gift to your uncle. Following the recent trend of paid public humiliation as a sort of retirement fund for celebrities, one of your errands is to acquire an autograph from former child star Gary Coleman, who is played by the actual Gary Coleman.


System Requiremetns :
  • Windows 2000/XP
  • Pentium: 2.4 GHz Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 2GB Hard Disk Space
  • DirectX compatible 32-bit Sound Card
  • 128MB DirectX compatible 3D Video Card with Hardware T&L
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • 4X CD-ROM Drive
  • Keyboard, Mouse
  • Broadband Internet Connection

Cara Instal:
  1. Mount hasil downloadan dengan Deamon Tool.
  2. Jalankan postal.exe dan instal seberti biasa menginstal aplikasi ke komputer.
  3. Setelah itu salin crack yang ada di folder KarmaData (Semuanya) ke folder C:\Program Files\Postal2STP\System\
  4. Dan jalankan Game. Jika masi kurang jelas kirim komentar di facebook saya.

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Download : 609MB